Sometimes we fall off our path – become misaligned with our purpose. When this happens we have issues in relationships and with survival in this material world. We forget who we are. We don’t stand up for ourselves. We accept crumbs because we’re too afraid to fight for bread. We allow abuse because we’re afraid of being alone. Of raising our children alone. Our life takes a nose dive. It can seem as if it happened instantly, but if we look back (gosh I hate hindsight) we realize that this happened gradually while we were busy trying to survive.

Is it karma? Maybe. Karma is a lesson we will keep repeating until we learn it.

Does life just suck? It can feel like that.

Do you deserve it? No. Never.

These issues can arise due to experiences we adopt from our parents and ancestors, from negative influences in our lives or from negative energies directed at us with the intention of making us miserable.

Is there an instant fix? No. Takes more time to build a bridge than it does to blow it up.

Can we overcome these issues? Yes. Yes, we can.

There are many way we can clear up old energies and negative energies that are messing with our lives. One way is to turn to the Goddess MahaKali.

It’s possible you know something of Her. Maybe information handed down through family and spiritual leaders or from searching the web. Different groups of people tend to have a different perception of MahaKali. For the purpose of this article, I’d like to share my knowledge and perception of her with you.

All of creation exists because we – humans, animals, insects, nature, man-made objects, and even Deities – are forms of Energy aka Shakti/Chi/Ash. Goddess Bhagavati, referred to as the Divine Mother, worshipped by many as the Shakti of Creation, explains in the Devi Bhagavatam scriptures, that if She is not in it, it does not exist. Each of us (all of creation) is different from one another because of our unique energy signature. This is what makes you different from me, me different from my kids, us different from Deity and the deities different from each other.

The difference is a good thing. It allows us to bring our unique talents and experiences to the table to help one another grow and prosper. To understand my understanding of why the difference exists, please see this article on Understanding Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

The Shakti of Creation is said to have ten avatars, known as the Das Mahavidyas. Goddess MahaKali is the very first avatar of the ten. Her unique energy signature brings with her the attributes of unconditional motherly love, purification, transformation, and protection. This Goddess is not to be taken lightly. She expects complete love and devotion from her devotees as a mother does from her child. Goddess MahaKali is known to show up quickly when you approach her humbly with the intentions of enlightenment, of realignment with your purpose in life or when you are being crushed under the intentions of others.

When we invite the energy of Goddess MahaKail into our life, we are opening ourselves up to radical change. That which does not serve us is pushed out of our energy field. Our perception of life is transformed through clarity of thought and calmness of emotions.

So how do we bring the energy of Goddess MahaKali into our lives to clean our energy?

The easiest DIY way is Japa meditation. You may be saying “Yikes! Meditation is hard!” and many times it can be because we have so much going on in our minds. But Japa Meditation can actually keep us focused. Japa Meditation is the reciting of a mantra while using a Japa Mala.

The best time of day to conduct this meditation is when you awaken in the morning, after brushing your teeth, before eating. If you’re planning to meditate at an altar, showering first is recommended too. Before meditating it’s beneficial to sit somewhere comfortable, take a few minutes to breathe deeply, allowing the tensions to leave your body and to then place your hands in the Anjali Mudra position and pray to Goddess MahaKali. Sincerely and humbly with an open mind, say her easy mantra (below) 3 times and then speak to her. Let her know what you’re grateful for and what you can use her help with. Then begin your Japa Meditation.

Here is a list of mantras you can use:

Easy Mantra:

Om Sri Maha Kali

Pronounced: Aum Shree Ma Ha Kah Lee

When that Mantra becomes so easy that your mind can wander while you recite it, try this mantra:

Om Sri Maha Kalikaye Namaha

Pronounced: Aum Shree Ma Ha Kah Lee Kah Yay Na Ma Ha

When that Mantra becomes too easy, move on to this one:

Om Maha Kalikaye Ca Vidmahe Smasana Vasinyai Ca Dhimahi Tanno Kali Prachodayat

Pronounced: Aum Ma Ha Kah Lee Kah Yay Cha Vee Dee Ma Hee Sma Sana Va sin yay Cha Dee Ma He Tah No Kali Pra Cho Dye Yat.

Here is how to use a Japa Mala:

  • To use a mala, you hold it in either hand.
  • Starting just after the Guru bead, you recite a mantra while holding each bead between the thumb and one of the fingers, moving from one bead to the next with each recitation.
  • You basically drape the mala over the finger and use the thumb to pull the beads over the finger toward you after each recitation of the mantra.
  • This makes the bead pass over the intended meridian point.
  • When reciting a mantra with a mala meditation, you recite the entire mantra on each bead (not one bead per word).
  • The recitations can be done silently, as a whisper, in song or spoken out loud.
  • After you have completed a full circle of your mala, you will feel the Guru bead.
  • You can make a special prayer with the Guru bead and then begin again, either switching the hands, turning the mala or just continuing along.
  • You can repeat this two more times.
  • When done, place your hands in the Anjali Mudra again and say “Jai Maha Kali” to close the meditation session.


Life can get better. You can overcome the drama… And don’t fear this Great Goddess. I know there are images of her that are terrifying. I choose to look beyond the outer appearance. Yes, the outer appearance has symbolic meanings and diving deep into the knowledge can bring enlightenment to some, but today, we’re discussing cleansing and when you’re in need of a cleansing, analyzing symbolism can make you feel more overwhelmed.  In upcoming articles, we’ll discuss additional ways to work with the Goddess Mahakali along with the energies of herbs and crystals to cleanse your energy and get you back on track. Thanks for joining me and please share this article on Facebook to help others who may benefit from it.

Blessing to you!


After an early morning of meditation, Vanita spends her day shuttling kids in, around, and through her New York apartment while helping women build their online empires. Most evenings, she’s burning dinner in hopes that her hubby will show mercy on their four kids and cook an edible meal. Descended from a choppy line of reluctant shamans, she has taken the gifts from this legacy and stepped into her role with the goal to help her fellow humans help themselves. Vanita is an Ordained Spiritual Minister, an Ordained Shamanic Shakti Priestess, and a Certified Reiki Master. Vanita is also an experienced Oracle and Chakra Energy Reader.

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