You didn’t arrive on this page by chance.

With your intentions and energies, you placed a call out to the Universe, in search of help. Maybe you had obstacles you couldn’t overcome, desires you didn’t know how to fulfill. You came to that moment when you realized change had to happen and the Universe sent you here, so you can be among those who have been where you are and are successfully working on co-creating that change.

Intention is the starting point of change. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love. Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention and comes into existence through energy.

Energy exists in infinite forms and can affect us in both positive and negative ways, leaving us to live in states of prosperity, happiness, and bliss; or confusion, chaos, and pain. Mostly it’s in our moments of low vibrational energy that we seek community and guidance, that we reach out with our intention and make the decision to create change in our lives.

Here at Essential Shakti, my goal is to share with you how to work with your energies, earth energies, and divine energies to co-create the change you seek.

Essential Shakti was founded on the beliefs:

  • that we all have a different spiritual path leading to the same destination.
  • herbal remedies can cleanse and heal the body, mind and soul.
  • what is given to us by the earth can be utilized to create change in our lives.
  • that anything can be accomplished with intention and energy.
Start Here

Hi! My name is Vanita Cyril.

I am an Ordained Spiritual Minister, an Ordained Shakti Shamanic Priestess and a Certified Reiki Master.

I do not teach religion.

Instead, I guide women like me (mothers, wives, entrepreneurs) in working with both earth and divine energies, to co-create the change in life that these women seek.

You do not have to be religious.

You only need to have an open mind, an intention for happiness and prosperity, and a readiness to take action.

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